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Afentures started back in 2017 after I graduated. I’m currently living and travelling in Perth, Australia. Afentures is my way of documenting and sharing my travel and life lessons. Many of us look for answers (to life) online, and I hope I can answer some and inspire you at the same time. 


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Nic & I

Would you move to another country for love?

Oh, the dream right? Moving across the world because the person you love resides there. But is it the right choice for you?


Top 10 things you should know before travelling

We are all under pressure to see the world and experience new places. This mostly comes from Social Media but can come from family and friends too.

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South Western Australia Roadtrip

My partner and I decided to go on a mini South Western Australia roadtrip. The trip consisted of traveling to Albany and Denmark from Perth. On this trip we explored big trees, amazing scenic views and a real country festival.


The Grass is not always Greener

You’re bound to have heard the saying, ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ and if not, what it basically means is that we can often perceive other peoples lives, careers, partners to be much better than our own. We often visualise them to be perfect. The truth is anything but…

working abroad

Afentures Photography - Au pair

The truths behind being an Au pair

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Au pair abroad? If you’re wondering what it’s like, I plan to go through the pros and cons of being an au pair, using my own and other Au pairs personal experiences.

travel advice

Fear & Travelling

This is commonly found at the start of any adventure. It is one of the main underlying emotions when it comes to travelling! Excitement is another. The two correspond with one another.



18 must see places in North WA

Our road trip consisted of a full 2 weeks exploring North WA. These are the places that my friend and I stopped at. You can either make it a road trip of your own or if you’re close by, a day trip could even be possible.

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Life on a Dairy Farm

So, for 3 months I struggled, but ultimately, succeeded in being a Dairy farm hand. The hours were long, the work was physical and the location was rural. How did I cope? Would I do it again? And was it worth it?