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Fear & Travelling

This is commonly found at the start of any adventure. It is one of the main underlying emotions when it comes to travelling! Excitement is another. The two correspond with one another.

As quoted by myself, to a friend, the other day…

I guess it’s the fear that gives me the excitement! Knowing that I’m scared to do something, makes me want to do it!

What is fear and why do we have it?

Fear is a natural gift that we all have, and usually leads us on to do great things. What do I mean? Let’s see…have you ever done something new? The answer is yes. Something new is done the first day we were born, therefore fear was also initiated. The two go hand-in-hand, ‘New’ and ‘Fear.’

Fighting our fears is putting ourselves in the position to feel, ‘unsafe’…with lack of security! If you stay at home, in your bed, you feel safe right? So, if we fight, we will go on to do better things!

Afentures Examples

Here are a few examples of how and when I have conquered my fears, and although some may be simple for some, or extremely scary for others, they were still my own fears.

There are four examples of fears that I have conquered, or am in the process of conquering. Why are these stories important to me? They are all significant moments in my life, that are going to enable me to live the life I want to lead. It’s only fear that stops us from achieving our dreams. We often believe we may fail or make mistakes, but my philosophy is that if you don’t try, how can you expect to achieve? We start with the small fears and make our ways up to the big ones. Baby steps…

Another method

There is, of course, another method to tackle fear. You’re going to need to find yourself an aim, a wish or a goal! This can be a secretive one, or one where you tell everyone because you know you’re going to achieve it.

Mine: Live and travel in a van.

Mine is small, but there are many outer layers to that goal. I’ve simply simplified the lifestyle I wish to have, in one sentence.

You should then work every day towards that goal, even if it’s in small doses, and that will help subside your fear. Ask yourself, how am I going to get there? There IS going to be new, and you are bound to feel FEAR at some points within that journey.

The difference is, you’re going to want the final goal so much, that the FEAR will be subsided by ARRIVING there.

Make sense? Or in simplified terms…without the ‘Mumbo Jumbo’,

Grow a pair
Keep Growing
Cut the Sh*T
Work harder
Ignore the Fear
and…You will achieve your goal!

*We all feel fear! Check out the afentures inspirational interviews, you’ll see!


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