The Grass is not always Greener

The Grass is not always Greener

Life Isn’t Perfect

I got caught in the social media trap but have come to the conclusion that the grass is not always greener on the other side. You’re bound to have heard the saying, ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ and if not, what it basically means is that we can often perceive other peoples lives, careers, partners to be much better than our own. We often visualise them to be perfect. The truth is anything but…

The Act of Envy

I’m sure at some point today you have been looking at either Instagram or Facebook posts, or in the near future will. Have you ever noticed your envy? Envy is part of all us and in fact, a natural emotion that one will, at some point in their lives feel. This isn’t going to be an essay on what social media is doing to our world, more of an understanding, an acceptance of ourselves. We put so much pressure on ourselves to have these picture-perfect lives. We are all victims of some sort, often pressured by the act of having a perfect life.

Take Action: Question It?

Take a second to look at your Instagram, or a friends facebook. Look at their photos, look at their friends, their comments and go back to your own. What do you feel? This won’t be a negative action, I promise. If envy begins to overwhelm you, or even regret, hold it. Now the question is, why do you feel these feelings? What is it that makes their social media pages better than your own? Is it that they look – Amazing? Healthy? Vibrant? Do you believe that their lives look perfect?

Positive Perfect

Honesty: Be Honest With Yourself 

Personally, I’ve experienced the suffering from the concept that everyone thinks I’m having the most amazing time, whenever I travel. I do have an incredible time, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard work. I post photos on my Instagram every now and then, when I’m proud of something I’ve achieved but what about the rest of my time? No one gets to see that. No one saw me cleaning toilets to pay for my flight to Bali, no one saw me sitting on my own at a farm waiting for children to come home or sitting researching and writing my blog. My Instagram shows my progress, but most of all, just the best parts. It shows the picture perfect moments, not everything.

Positive Perfect

Life is the Same

Why have I chosen to share my story? I think it’s about time we can be honest with each other and say, no matter where you are in the world, who your friends are or the amount money you have, you’re going to have the same or similar problems. Life isn’t perfect, no matter how hard we try to portray it is.

Arriving in Australia, I was under the impression that life was just about to be idyllic. I will admit that there have been amazing times but 65% has been a mixture of worry and sadness. It’s not a sob story. It’s just a reality check. No matter what we do in our lives or where we choose to stay, it’s not all going to suddenly make that Instagram perfect life.

Positive Perfect

Why Do We Expect So Much?

You would have thought I would have learned by now, living in so many countries – I haven’t. The naivety that life will suddenly become perfect was still ingrained in me until very recently. My aim was to get to Australia, run away from my ex, run away from family obligations, run away from the weather. Even after accomplishing all that, my body, soul and heart was still lost. Looking at Instagram posts, I saw girls getting married, some in loving relationships, travelling to unknown destinations and getting internships in jobs they want. I found myself with deep envy. This week I let it all go because I came to the conclusion that peoples lives aren’t perfect, even if they have those things.

Positive Perfect

Why is it All Going To Be Okay?

It’s all going to be okay because life is problematic. We create problems regardless of the good or bad. We make ourselves feel bad about not having and seeing others who do, but ultimately all we’re doing is lying to ourselves. In the next week, I could meet the love of my life. I could have all the love in the world, but I’d still worry about when I get to see my brothers next? Where I’m going to live? I could get the most amazing job in the world but still, worry about where I’m going to live? How I’m supposed to pay for things? It sounds all very dramatic don’t you think?

So, how about I just let it go. If I meet the love my life next week, so be it? If I get my dream job, so be it? But envying those on social media isn’t going to help me. It can however, inspire me, which it has. It has certainly inspired me to get up and see our beautiful world.

Positive Perfect

Let it Go

So, give it a try. Let go of your envisioned perfect life, accept your faults, accept that moving to another country or even having the perfect partner is going to suddenly make everything okay. It may help, but it’s not going to give you everything you desire because once you have that, you’ll only desire for more. Accept life isn’t perfect because there is no such thing. Be happy with who you are, be happy with where you are and you will be okay. 

If you read my December 2017 Update, you’ll have a clear understanding of the battles I faced, yet my Instagram portrayed only the best moments.

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