Would you move to another country for love?

Would you move to another country for love?

Oh, the dream right? Moving across the world because the person you love resides there. But is it the right choice for you?


“It’s not all about the destination, but the journey.”

My picture perfect relationship has always been someone who I shall follow, and someone who shall follow me. I’m 23, and I’ve finally found him. This relationship didn’t come without a few failed attempts, a few setbacks and ultimately giving up. Would I personally move to another country for love? Yes, I would.

The past few months or so has been an adventure. The amount of people who have asked me or confided in me about potentially moving to another country for love is crazy. So what do I tell them?

“Trust your gut, if it tells you to go, then go!”

Okay, so you have bills to pay? Maybe a house to sell or a car to pay off? Life isn’t always as simple as packing up and setting off for a new adventure. It all depends on what stage you’re at, like your financial obligations and other priorities in your life.

For some, it can be as simple as packing and moving. When I moved to Australia, it was rather easy. There wasn’t any important stuff to sort out. There was no car to sell or full-time job to leave. It was a matter of packing and buying a plane ticket.

So, your adventure has began….

So, the power of love has entered your life. Your partner lives across the world, or even just an hour plane ride away and you’re missing them like crazy. You’re now questioning whether you should move country for love?

Whilst the thought of moving is exciting, my advice is to give yourself a minimum of 3 months in your home country first. Three months provide you with enough time to fulfil any necessary obligations. If you have big priorities, like selling a house, then you can extend this time. You could even book your plane ticket in advance. A time frame will not only help with kicking yourself into gear but will also become your comfort blanket.

Nic and I in Byron Bay 2019
Nic and I in Byron Bay 2019

Just hold on one sec…

Before you go charging away looking at flights on Skyscanner, I want you to think about what this move would do for you. Love is one of the greatest things on earth and moving to another country for it could be seen as, ‘a true act of love.’ However, you need to remember to focus on you and your life ambitions. Moving to another country purely on the basis that your partner resides there could end up affecting your wellbeing.

Finding your own self purpose

Whilst you can move country for love, it shouldn’t be your only reason. Find a purpose for yourself. What are the possibilities for you in that country? Are you able to gain access to health cover? Have you got family or friends there, of which you could reconnect? Are you happier in the cold or warmth? Will you be able to adjust to the weather? Jobs? Are there possibilities to work there? The list is endless.

Why don’t you try writing a pros and cons list? The pros should be longer, however if the cons are, don’t become too disheartened. The cons list can be used in a way to improve your life and make the much-needed changes to reach your desired goal. I cannot express enough that you should research your new country before moving there, or at least go on an extended visit. Saying that, I’d never been to Australia before, so I guess its dependant on each individuals journey. However, my situation is a little different, as I moved for myself, then met Nic in Australia.

Trust your gut

As you may already know, I am quite spiritual. Therefore, I believe it’s important to trust your intuition when making a big life-changing decision.
Learn to trust yourself and look deep within. When people ask whether they should move for love, I find it hard to answer. One side of me tells them to go for it and live freely, whilst the other is a little unsure. It isn’t my decision to make, it’s theirs.

Asking yourself whether or not you should move country for love doesn’t mean you don’t want to go. You’re being smart. Deep down, you already know. Be comforted that by reading this, you’re already proving that you’re open to the idea.

Take a step back 

Whilst making this decision, you may need to take a step back and look at all your options. If you move purely on the basis of love, it could have some serious consequences. Try to give yourself time before making your decision. Don’t let love cloud your judgement.

Be safe 

These situations can, unfortunately, lead to some bad circumstances. Make sure you know the person well enough before you move. Learn what their intentions are and how they plan to provide for you when you first arrive.

Why not create a backup plan? Like enough money for a flight home? Note down your future address, and any numbers you can call in case of an emergency. You may think you don’t need a backup plan, but it’s there just in case something does go wrong.

So, would you move to another country for love?

Look at your financial state, your relationship and all possible outcomes. Most of all trust your gut and do what makes you happy.

Most importantly, be safe, as I have heard some bad stories. Make sure you know where you are going AND who you are going for properly, before making any life-changing decisions.

Bless you all xox

My inspiration to write this post….

My gorgeous friend and her beautiful fairytale love story.

Sabrina Stewart

“It’s been a whirlwind. I mean, we got engaged 5 months after we initially met”

Jamie & Sarah Photography
Jamie and Sarah Photography – Sabrina and Simon

Sabrina Marie Stewart, originally from Michigan, USA is currently living in Jonkoping in Sweden with, as she puts it, ‘the love of her life.’ She grew up with Italian grandparents, providing her with an upbringing of visiting Italy on multiple occasions. Sabrina’s bucket list included teaching abroad, therefore she studied to become a teacher and went onto living this dream.

Then the unexpected happened. After a few weeks of teaching in Italy, she met the love of her life on a small trip to Rome, Simon. Two years have passed and they’re getting married! Eeek! Exciting! In the beginning, they both considered moving to another country, aside from their own but found it difficult regarding residency or work permits. They discussed all their options but ultimately decided that Sabrina would apply for residency in Sweden. It took them both roughly two months to make this decision together and start the paperwork. Futuristically, Sabrina is looking forward to sharing her USA home with Simon too!

Sabrina’s advice to everyone is to expect there to be difficulties and embrace them as this is part of your journey together. She also highly regards research before and throughout the whole process. Don’t expect to move and for everything to fall into place, the journey is ongoing not a final destination. You may need to learn new systems, ways of life and even sometimes a language. After all, this will be your new home.

Jamie & Sarah Photography
Jamie & Sarah Photography – Sabrina and Simon

Sabrina and Simon’s engagement photographs, taken by Jamie & Sarah Photography. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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