South Western Australia Roadtrip
Australia Roadtrip

South Western Australia Roadtrip

Perth to Albany and Denmark

My partner and I decided to go on a mini South Western Australia roadtrip. The trip consisted of traveling to Albany and Denmark from Perth. On this trip we explored big trees, amazing scenic views and a real country festival.

Perth – Albany – Denmark – Bunbury – Perth

Day 1

Drive: Perth to Emu Point – Approx. 5.5 hours

Emu Point Grab a warm hot chocolate, late lunch or even dinner at Emu Point cafe and enjoy the views of the south coast. I won’t lie, the reason I wanted to go to Emu Point was that it’s on Mermaid Avenue! Who doesn’t want to go to a place with the word Mermaid in it? Regardless, the cafe was beautiful and a great place for a relaxed dining experience.

Emu point Cafe View

Drive: Emu Point to Albany – Approx. 8 min

Albany Take a stroll around Albany and wander through the local shops. We personally didn’t because it was a bank holiday and everything was closed, but a drive-through was enough. Fun fact about this little town, Albany is the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia. Pretty cool huh?

Drive: Albany to The Gap – Approx. 13 min

Torndirrup National Park – The Gap and Natural Bridge Our next stop was The Gap and Natural Bridge. You will need a National Park Pass to gain entry, which you can purchase on arrival for $13. This covers all South Western Australian National Parks for a day. The views of the naturally made rock formations and the Great Southern Ocean were magnificent.

Torndirrup National Park Views

Drive: The Gap to The Blowholes – Approx. 5 min

Torndirrup National Park – The blowholes Next up, we made an on-spot decision to visit the blowholes. The walk to the blowholes is downhill and then back up to the car park, which made this visit worth it. The views, the ocean and ocean breeze against your skin felt freeing, however, the blowholes weren’t that impressive on this day. I’d still recommend a visit, based purely on the walk.

DRIVE: The Blowholes to Kronkup (Cosy Corner Beach East) Approx. 40 min

 Cosy Corner Beach EAST We decided to camp at this free camping spot because of its close proximity to the beach. It was insanely beautiful to wake up to and watch the sunrise on the beach.

Cosy Corner Beach Free Camp

Day 2

Kronkup Beach Take a morning stroll along Kronkup Beach. Trust me, it’s worth it! 

Drive: Kronkup to Denmark – Approx. 30 min

Denmark Denmark is a small town in the South West. It has local shops and cafe’s to enjoy. Make sure to check online if there are any events going on before arrival. We were lucky to come across the Denmark Arts Market.

Denmark Arts Market – Easter Weekend

Drive: Denmark to GreenPools – Approx. 25 min

Green Pools Don’t miss out Greens Pool! It’s just on the edge of William Bay National Park. You’ll find yourself on a white sandy beach, with views of turquoise green waters and big rocks!

Being silly at Greens Pool

DRIVE: Green Pools to The Elephant Rocks – Approx. 5 min

Elephant Rocks This location has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. I couldn’t believe how crystal blue the waters were, and how green the surrounding terrain was. There are two parts here, the Elephant rocks, which look like a herd of elephants and the Elephant Cove. Don’t miss this one!

Elephant Rocks

DRIVE: Elephant rocks to The Valley of the Tree Tops – Approx. 40 min

The Valley of the Tree tops This experience is one not to be missed. Climb up a 40-metre ramp, onto metal bridges that take you through Western Australian tingle trees (which are huge!). It cost $21 per adult.

The Valley of the tree tops

DRIVE: Valley of the tree tops to Greenbushes Pool – Approx. 2h 20

Green bushes Pool We decided to camp up at Green Bushes Pool mainly because it was free. However, upon arrival, we found this little secluded spot was quite beautiful and would be lovely to swim in (when it gets warmer).

The Greenbushes Pool


Drive: Greenbushes to Bunbury – Approx. 1 hr

BUNBURY What can I say about Bunbury? It’s beautiful. The best activity to do there is climbing Marlston Hill Lookout Tower. The 360 views are amazing.

Drive: Bunbury to Perth Approx. 1hr 50

If you’re looking at taking a trip up North, check out my recent roadtrip to Karajini National Park! Alternatively, if you’re settled in Perth, there is something for you too!

Enjoy your travels x

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