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Life on a Dairy Farm

What was it like working on a Dairy farm? So, for 3 months I struggled, but ultimately, succeeded in being a Dairy farm hand. The hours were long, the work was physical and the location was rural. How did I cope? Would I do it again? And was it worth it? Job Search Back inContinue Reading “Life on a Dairy Farm”

Afentures Experiences

Barcelona 17.08.17

Where do I start? As you may have read in my last post, I was headed to Barcelona. I spent 4 lovely days there until a terrible event happened. On Thursday 17th August, I was sat on the beach with my friend. Timeline 3:36 I was checking my Facebook and saw that it was an oldContinue Reading “Barcelona 17.08.17”

Afentures Experiences

Afentures update’ June 17

All I ever wanted — since like Christmas 2016 — was to live as a nomad. I hadn’t realized that my life already had a huge aspect of nomadism. I never enjoyed living in one location for too long but now I think I’ve taken it too another level. A month ago… After finishing University,Continue Reading “Afentures update’ June 17”