Trutravels 10-day Bali Experience Review

I decided to travel to Bali before coming to Australia! why? I have no idea! Why not? Bali is a beautiful island, with beautiful traditions, culture and people. Here is how my Bali and island experience went… Day 1 – Canggu (Bali) Arriving through Bali airport arrival gates, my nerves got the better of me.Continue Reading “Trutravels 10-day Bali Experience Review”

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24 Hours in Paris: 5 Must-See Locations

So, you’ve got 24 hours in Paris… There are so many different ways to spendĀ 24 hours in Paris, whether you’re on a long layover or a quick weekend trip, Paris is the perfect place to explore on a limited time frame. Don’t stress if you need to budget, because there are still possibilities of aContinue Reading “24 Hours in Paris: 5 Must-See Locations”