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24 Hours in Paris: 5 Must-See Locations

So, you’ve got 24 hours in Paris… There are so many different ways to spend 24 hours in Paris, whether you’re on a long layover or a quick weekend trip, Paris is the perfect place to explore on a limited time frame. Don’t stress if you need to budget, because there are still possibilities of aContinue Reading “24 Hours in Paris: 5 Must-See Locations”

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Pros & Cons: Accommodation abroad

So many options…so many questions? Well if you’re like me, you go for the cheapest, but that hasn’t always been a good thing and can sometimes end up costing more! A few different options may be: Hotel  Hostel  Airbnb  Couchsurfing  Private Room Homestay To make this easier for you, I’ve compared the four main accommodationContinue Reading “Pros & Cons: Accommodation abroad”

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Fear & Travelling

This is commonly found at the start of any adventure. It is one of the main underlying emotions when it comes to travelling! Excitement is another. The two correspond with one another. As quoted by myself, to a friend, the other day… I guess it’s the fear that gives me the excitement! Knowing that I’mContinue Reading “Fear & Travelling”

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Your Essential Packing List

Last week we attempted to answer the daunting question, Backpack or Suitcase? but this week we’re going to talk about what we put inside, regardless of the casing! We all like stuff, but you don’t need most of it! Make a list of your essentials…including toiletries. Your list may look similar to this… T-shirts JumperContinue Reading “Your Essential Packing List”

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Should I take a backpack or suitcase travelling?

 Are you a backpacker or a suitcase ‘bringer’? I often find this question across various facebook groups and honestly, the answer depends on what kind of trip you’re planning on taking. Throughout this blog post, I plan to explore the reasons why you would pick either, the backpack or the suitcase and provide two practical options (inContinue Reading “Should I take a backpack or suitcase travelling?”

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How to survive a family vacation

A few tips and tricks to survive that family vacation We’ve all been there, invited on those crazy family holidays, and often enough, you’re excited but then you arrive and realise what it’s truly like to be in close proximity to your family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but when you constantlyContinue Reading “How to survive a family vacation”