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Life on a Dairy Farm

What was it like working on a Dairy farm? So, for 3 months I struggled, but ultimately, succeeded in being a Dairy farm hand. The hours were long, the work was physical and the location was rural. How did I cope? Would I do it again? And was it worth it? Job Search Back inContinue Reading “Life on a Dairy Farm”

Working Abroad

The truths behind being an Au pair

Honest Truths about Au pairing Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Au pair abroad? If you’re wondering what it’s like, I plan to go through the pros and cons of being an au pair, using my own and other Au pairs personal experiences. What is an Au pair? AnContinue Reading “The truths behind being an Au pair”

Working Abroad

Truth about Fruit Picking Jobs

The Truth Behind Fruit and Vegetable Jobs   This post isn’t to put you off trying any of these jobs, more of an accurate record of what I’ve personally heard other backpackers have experienced. It covers fruit to vegetable picking. When I  started work on a strawberry farm, I had no idea what to expectContinue Reading “Truth about Fruit Picking Jobs”

Australia Working Abroad


 2nd-year Visa explained So, you’re in Australia on your 417 working holiday visa and you’re thinking about staying for another year. You’re going to need to get a 2nd-year working visa. I bet you’ve done loads of research and found yourself slightly confused. I know I’ve personally been extremely overwhelmed by all the information onContinue Reading “2ND-YEAR AUSTRALIAN WORKING HOLIDAY VISA GUIDE”

Working Abroad

Why you shouldn’t have expectations of a place…

Where do I begin? The company I work for can send you to various locations around Italy. It takes a lot of versatility. You can’t choose where you’re placed. The best part about working within a company like this is that you get to see places no other would plan to go. Rifugio Pastore AlagnaContinue Reading “Why you shouldn’t have expectations of a place…”